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Welcome to x-tech.online

About Me

My name is Clemens Elflein and I am the founder and CEO of x-tech UG as well as the co-founder of cdef GmbH. During my computer science studies, I have created my first app “Best Brokers” with a friend of mine. The app was so successful, that we founded a company which quickly grew to be our main source of income. After graduating from TU Munich, I had more time on my hands and since I love software engineering, hardware design, robots and IOT, I quickly decided that I need a small company to help me start those projects. This is how x-tech UG was born.

Why x-tech.online?

I tend to build a lot of small stuff in my free time and I often use existing open source projects from the community. I really like the open source movement, since a lot of great designs and knowledge which would otherwise be lost is now available for everyone to see. Since I benefit from this, I decided that I’d like to share some of my designs and projects as well. The goal for x-tech.online is to provide a platform where I can quickly share some thoughts, designs and information for anyone to see. I really hope that someone finds some useful information here.



Entrepreneur, Loves Software Engineering, Hardware Design, Robots and Open Source.

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  1. James R
    April 17, 2022

    I have two separate yards for elderly relatives I take care of and our own yard. Can I teach the open mower software about three separate yards to be mowed? Perhaps a folder of data files can be copied/replaced after each yard is taught?

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